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Fangirl confessional

What you never wanted to know about Rinoa

Rinoa Redcloak
23 October 1980
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Hello stranger. Wish to know a little about me? Head on over here. That's all you need to know to decide whether you want to know me or not.

I write smut and the occasional fluff. Or angst. Or pretty much whatever I feel like writing. This includes the odd yuri fic and intentional badfic. But most of the time nowadays, what I write is essays for my Uni courses. Oh, and stuff I actually get paid for. Aspiring writer you know. Drats for Real Life.

I have a habit of snatching icons I like and using them weeks and months later, so don't fret if I haven't credited you. If it's so important, just drop me a line. I'll be glad to comply.

I don't make friends-only posts (much), and when I do, you're probably better off not seeing them. They're really self-centered bullshit. So if I don't friend you back immediately chances are you're not missing anything. So I'm not very compulsive in checking this info page. Step up and make your presence known if you wish to, but lurking around is just as good.

I've resisted making a friending policy for so long, but am caving in now.
- No permission needed!
- Defriending drama is a no-go!
- I'm shy to start commenting; you need to step up if you want interaction. I'm rarely feeling brave enough to start hounding people I think might be cool to chat with.

I'm a total RPS-er. The Daily Show and Colbert Report are my drug of choice.

Also, this.

Wesley is love.

alcohol, androgyny, angel the series, angel/wesley, babylon 5, bad men in glasses, badfics, balls, beatles, beatles slash, billowing overcoats, bisexuality, blowing stuff up, bondage, books, boylove, capslock rage, channeling tsuzuki, chemistry, classic rock, complex systems, conan o'brien, cross-referencing, cuddy's cleavage, dead gay detectives, dr. gregory house, ed helms, editing, elemental table, environmental sciences, essays, fake news, fanfic, final fantasy, formula 401 manseed, freddie mercury, gay marriage, girl-love, hisoka, history, homepage coding, homosexuality, hot for teacher, hot old dude love, house m.d., human sexuality, inappropriate handshakes, inappropriate relationships, intelligent life forms, irish drinking songs, it's french bitch, jack daniels, james wilson, john lennon, john/paul, jon stewart, karaoke, kinks, kyou kara maou!, linguistics, liquor, low-cut shirts, masochism, mocking, moments of zen, mythbusters slash, mythology, nlp, oldies, one-eyed monsters, parodies, pastede on yay, paul mccartney, political satire, political slash, porter hypothesis, pretty geekboys, procrastination, psychology, reading, rivalslash, rob corddry, roleplaying, romance, romantic literature, rpg's, rps, samantha bee, sarcasm, satire, slash, slashing wesley, slutty ukes, smut, snarky sarcasm, social constructions, soil science, spamfic, spanking, specfets, special relationships, spite voting, spooge, squick, squidkitty, stabble, stephen colbert, sting, string dance, supernatural, sushi, tatsumi, teachers, teh funny, the 1960s, the colbert report, the daily show, the homosexual agenda, the oval orifice, the who, threesomes, titrating, touching the american people, translation, tsuzuki, twin peaks, wakaba, wanking, watari, wesley wyndam-pryce, working partnerships, writing, yami no mafia, yami no matsuei